An invitation to simplify your client management system

This is an invitation to accountancy practice owners who are turning over £100k per year (or are approaching that) and are looking to simplify their business systems so that they can scale effectively and maintain high levels of client service.

Currently, you may be using a series of apps that are integrated using Zapier at best and standalone at worst. Whatever the option you have chosen, you spend a lot of time copy/pasting information from one place to another which is frustrating, confusing and results in unnecessary mistakes.

This leads to you giving a false impression to your clients in regards to your professionalism, attention to detail and ability to deliver a seamless high-quality client experience.

This impacts your ability to charge what you are truly worth for your expertise and experience so you’re in search of a better way of managing your clients.

Simplified Systems removes the stress caused by having customer information spread over many applications by seamlessly integrating all the essential tasks an accountant might need into one custom application, located on a subdomain of your existing website - hosted on our 99.9% uptime servers which are GDPR-compliant, privacy protected and guarantee that your data is 100% safe.

This service works best for accountant solopreneurs and those with small teams who want to increase efficiency and productivity without increasing overheads or hiring more staff while delivering high standards of professionalism.

This is what Simplified Systems brings together into one place:

#1: Generate and send out quotes using a template in a few clicks, selecting the services the client needs from a menu of items you set up once. Spread one-off items and bundle up monthly and annual services to give a monthly subscription price in seconds.

Set up your price list and template text for each service once. Using a standard template you’ll create quotes fast over and over again. The template text corresponding to each service is automatically put into the quote document. Your Ts and Cs are automatically attached without you even thinking about it, so you won't ever forget to send them.

Systematising the whole process using a template makes sending out quotes much quicker and cuts out mistakes so you come across as highly professional.

#2: Send out letters of engagement and get electronic signatures on contracts as part of the process before accepting them as a client.

When the client accepts the quote, by clicking a button, the system automatically sends them a letter of engagement, built automatically from your templates, which the client must sign electronically, confirming they have read and accept your Ts and Cs as part of signing up for your services listed in the letter.

You can relax, knowing that as long as you deliver the services you’ve said you will, the client has signed up to your Ts and Cs, so you are covered in case of anything going wrong in the future. You’ve got to this stage without having to remember any of the details of the process, or even lifting a finger since generating the initial quote.

#3: A secure messaging system that gives you a private and safe channel for each client, with all their messages always accessible under their client record.

You don’t need to worry about insecure emails, and you’ll know exactly where to find all messages, documents and uploaded ID scans and photos.

All communications are secured, you don’t need to go into your email client, and when you receive documents back from the client they are instantly attached to their customer record without you having to do anything.

#4: Automatically send reminders to clients for payment dates AND get them to positively acknowledge that they have made the relevant payment.

Your client is reminded without you needing to remember to send the reminder in the first place (or even set yourself a calendar reminder to do so). The system sends the reminders behind the scenes and will keep reminding the client with increasing urgency until they click the button which says they have made the payment. You’ll be alerted nearer the payment deadline if the client still hasn’t confirmed they’ve made the payment.

Because the proactive and timely reminders to your client happen without you knowing about it, the only time you need to worry is when they haven’t paid - and you’ll be alerted about that in good time, too. Your professionalism once again shines through.

#5: Automatic reminders to you for your clients’ filing deadlines, with tasks reminding you to do the actual filing created for you on your todo list. They’ll be ordered by priority and you can see the deadlines for them all.

You won’t need to worry about which client needs attention next - they’re all listed in the order you need to attend to them in your task list.

You’ll know what you’re doing every day, and will be well-prepared and organised well before your clients’ filing deadlines.

#6: Lead tracking to see potential clients move through the sales funnel. Build landing pages, send out lead magnets and set up email sequences. Track clicks on links in those emails.

You don’t need to use external funnel software if you use the (optional) marketing module, and you’ll be able to see all your leads in the same app where you do all your other work.

You’ll save money by not using another funnel product, you’ll save time by not having to learn how to configure another system, and you’ll reduce stress by having your new clients already showing up in your system at onboarding time if they sign up with you.

#7: Allow your clients to arrange appointments with you via the app, which is integrated with your calendar.

Whether you have an existing calendar (e.g. Google Calendar) or want to use the built-in one, you can block off time and ensure a buffer around all your existing appointments.

You won’t waste any more time with the to and fro of organising meetings, and both you and your clients can see appointments scheduled in your calendar.

#8: One single source of information, in one app, integrating where necessary and pulling in relevant external information (e.g. you may have a Xero back end for your financial transactions and bookkeeping).

Data is synchronised so the whole process of client management is simplified and you waste less time checking. Everything in one place for reference later professionalises your business systems and makes it easier to run. Everything is pulled together on an individual client dashboard with notes, messages, documents and all the relevant dates. Because you’ve set this up once during the onboarding process, you won’t need to do those tasks again.

Simplified Systems makes managing your business easy because everything relating to one customer is stored in their customer record. You can find all messages, documents, filing and payment dates...everything. All in one place.

Tired of learning how dozens or more configuration options can affect how each of your six disparate apps works? Having just one app with workflows designed exactly how you want them to be will save you hours every week. The technology should bend to how you do business and you shouldn’t have to shoehorn in an off-the-shelf product that still doesn’t fit after you’ve spent a month tweaking all the configuration options.

One integrated system removes any need for import/export, configuring Zapier or having custom development at all the integration points between various systems, and everything is automatically branded for professional presentation. One system custom-built for your needs solves the problem of off-the-shelf software, where one size does not fit all - this solution removes all the stress and friction of working out how to get those disparate systems to work how you want them to work.

Above all, the cost of this one system is likely to be lower than you’ll pay for the multiple systems you have to cobble together. You can even try it for a month for nothing to see if it works for you.

After your free month, the standard product is £250 per month with the optional marketing module an extra £97 a month. (Prices don’t include VAT.)

Lifetime fixed subscription of £147 per month (including the marketing module) for the first 12 clients who join the beta group in March 2023. (Price doesn’t include VAT.)

If this sounds like it's for you, fill in the application form on the next page, and then we'll have a chat and work out together if we are right for each other.

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